two young asian friends gossip

What Is a Busy Body? And How Does She Hack a Geek?

Food anyone? According to Adele, a Malaysian friend of mine, a “busy body” is someone who likes sticking her nose into other people’s business and gossip. Gossiping people exist everywhere because sometimes gossiping can be addictive, especially in Southeast Asia where I came from. “Hey, you know Ales?” asked Adele. “Ales who?” I replied. “He[…]


Boost Your Confidence by Managing Your Chaos, Scoping Your Enthusiasm, Closing Projects and Finishing Something

Ever since I was young, I was known as someone who forgot stuff. During my elementary years, my mom assigned a boy to look after me and pick up stuffs I left behind in the class. I hated school and only when I got older I learned perhaps it was probably too structured. Some personality[…]