two young asian friends gossip

What Is a Busy Body? And How Does She Hack a Geek?

Food anyone? According to Adele, a Malaysian friend of mine, a “busy body” is someone who likes sticking her nose into other people’s business and gossip. Gossiping people exist everywhere because sometimes gossiping can be addictive, especially in Southeast Asia where I came from. “Hey, you know Ales?” asked Adele. “Ales who?” I replied. “He[…]

Time NFP

6 Time Management Tips for Intuitive Feeling Perceiving (NFP)

I recently attended a Type conference in Europe organized every two years in various cities in Europe by the British Association of Psychological Type (BATP) to connect Type Practitioners to share ideas, exchange new stuffs and practices in the industry. Most of the attendants are coaches, consultants, corporate trainers, entrepreneurs, psychologists, psychoanalysts and researchers. One[…]