Type Resources

How Learning about Type Help You?

 Jungian psychological type has been used and proven in the following areas

  1. Personal and professional development
  2. Career counseling
  3. Team building
  4. Leadership development
  5. Executive and life coaching
  6. Relationship building counseling
  7. Conflict resolution

 Ways to Learn About Type

  1. Get your type code for free (Keys2cognition)
  2. Read descriptions about 16 types (Best Fit Type)
  3. Read about the 8 mental processes (Best Fit Type)
  4. Get the scoop on every day type-related issues on online forum like Personality Cafe and Typology Central.
  5. Join the Facebook or Yahoo groups of the types you’re interested in

Want to get Serious and Get Trained and Certified as a Type Ninja?

Become a certified MBTI Practitioner

To administer MBTI tool, you need to complete a certification training program with an authorized training provider.

Currently they are CPP (Americas, Asia Pacific), CAPT (USA), AMA (USA), G/S Consultants (the only online program , applicable only to US residents), Psychometrics Canada (Canada), OPP (Europe), IHSDubai (United Arab Emirates)

Attend workshops, seminars and conferences on type



And organizations mentioned above.