A Year of Upskilling

Not very happy of where I am at the moment personally and professionally, I decided to spend this year to upskill myself.

I chose one year because it has the specific 12 months where I can slot in what I want to focus at the moment.

12 months ~= 12 areas of interests or  12 skillsets

One year is a good timeline.  It is short enough to keep your attention. It is long enough for you to plan, reflect and experiment with what you’ve learned.

12 areas of development



January February March
Self-awareness Listening Emotions


April May June
Relating Conversation Leadership/Teamwork


July August September
Finishing tbd tbd


October November December
tbd tbd tbd


I borrow some of the commandments from Gretchen Rubin, author of the book “Happiness Project” which she spent on year on doing the things to make her feel happier.

  1. Be myself
  2. Trust my instincts
  3. Do it now
  4. Get structured
  5. Decide quicker
  6. Be zen

What are you working on now? What skills are you upgrading or picking up? What knowledge do you acquire?

Acquiring knowledge and upgrading skills is a life-long process which will

But one year is a good start.