How Travel Can Cultivate Your Emotional Intelligence

What is EQ? Emotional Intelligence (EI) or Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the new big. It indicates your “ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups.” (Source: Wikipedia). Your success depends on the people skills: your personality, ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. Daniel Goleman, a renowned author and[…]

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Reframing – 5 Simple Mental Tools to Change the Way You Experience Something, Change the Way You Feel, thus Change How You Think

Meet Anette Prehn, the award-winning trainer from Denmark, who has an extraordinary ability to turn a boring scientific subject into a fun dinner conversation and make you fall in love with your brain in the process. I got to know Anette by accident via a discussion thread on Linkedin while looking for tips on conducting[…]

Ever Feel Obligated to Help Someone? Don’t ever Tell Them What to Do. Do This Instead!

Your friends told you about a negative situation. They felt stressed out over something they did or didn’t do. Being an “objective” observer, your natural instinct is to jump in and help. This feels right isn’t it, helping others? You enthusiastically dish out advice and suggestions you think your friends should take. But how much[…]


Boost Your Confidence by Managing Your Chaos, Scoping Your Enthusiasm, Closing Projects and Finishing Something

Ever since I was young, I was known as someone who forgot stuff. During my elementary years, my mom assigned a boy to look after me and pick up stuffs I left behind in the class. I hated school and only when I got older I learned perhaps it was probably too structured. Some personality[…]


Thanks for visiting. Seem like you have stumbled on yet another of my virtual home. It is a work in progress, housing my online projects. My name is Cindy Dam. I’m a learning junkie, travel addict, people watcher. I’m interested in social dynamic, personality concepts, and brain-based science. It seems that I have an affinity[…]