Things I Do

I found myself becoming increasingly distracted and desperately tried to find a solution to fix this. I tried to meditate, do yoga and immerse myself the present to practice mindfulness (quite a trend these days), but found little progress until I stumbled on a couple of coaching sessions and figured out a win-win solution. I can get in an almost mindful state when I coach someone. (In fact, to be an effective coach, you have to be present with a blank mind without judgment, assumption to really listen.) So not only I can help someone unstuck, I also help myself. I coach  using  personalty typology and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

I’m taking a break from any roadside trip to dedicate my time and energy for a human adventure and experiment: to understand, explain how our mind works. I experiment with type and learn the nuts and bolts of type hacking, a way to understand a person’s personality and how to use it to his advantage.

My most enduring favorite pastime is to wander about and observe culture.

Recently I found a way to reduce my head pressure, quicken my understanding of anything and ensure that I can remember it for a long time. I take and capture note visually.

Once in a while, I love telling visual stories and capture some of the fine moment of life.