Thanks for visiting. Seem like you have stumbled on yet another of her virtual HQ, housing and sharing her online and offline projects as well as her mental popcorns, and boy it’s plenty.

Cindy is a learning junkie, travel addict, people watcher, mind decoder, interested in social dynamic, personality concepts, NLP and brain-based science.
She seems to have a penchant for “code”. She studied and practiced the art of computer coding. But over time, she’s grown to get addicted to the “code” of the individuals and their society.

Planet Hopper

Her dojo is at café bars, train stations, airports, hotel lounge, backpackers’ common area and some place somewhere else. She has traveled to more than 60 countries and counting, immersed in different local cultures and picked up knowledge from experts and the street on the go.

Born-again Millennial

Sworn off technology and left the tech hub of the world in favor of a more sensory-provoking life in Europe, she now feels the pull back in the global technology landscape having witnessed the impact great technology can do for people. Her tech interests at the moment are MOOC, mobility and Internet of Things. In fact, the reason she can’t hop the planet as often these days because she’s busy building and growing a special kind of tech cat, that will help ease the adoption of mobility and IoT.

Mind Hacker

But the most important thing she’s ever done is to help people become more aware of themselves, get to their AHA moment, feel better and shift their paradigm to see things differently. She acquired knowledge and honed skills through years of traveling, self-study and top experts from Asia, America and Europe.


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