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Your find tips and tricks related to self-improvement, leadership, coaching methods to help you understand more about yourself and the people around you so that you can start building better relationships either at home or work.


Read stories from my journeys to more than 60 countries, and if you’re not already fascinated with the world, you will be. If you’re already are, you continue to be.


I gather useful resources about online courses, tools, and technology that help expand your knowledge and boost the quality of your work and life.


It's freer to be who you're not if you know who you are.

Hi! I'm Cindy.

An adventurer, storyteller, and hacker dedicated to helping you gain awareness of yourself and others to build better relationships with yourself and people around you.

A born-and-raised-and-lived ;-) Asian American European girl with nothing more than a thirst to explore the world and to know what make us US.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been curious about the world and people. I wanted to see different places and meet different people in additional to a multitude of seemingly unconnected things: technology, psychology, brain chemistry, personality, creativity, MOOC just to name a few.

From a bustling city in Southeast Asia to an academic lab in San Francisco Bay Area, to crunching out computer code at a Polish startup in the South Silesia, to teaching Information Technology in Bosnia-Herzegovina, to managing projects at the world's largest logistic company, to helping an obscure mobile/Internet of Things security startup become one of the hottest startups coming out the Czech Republic, to immersing in the local cultures of more than 60 countries, I've learned from the experts as well as from the streets the code of the individuals and their worlds.

My dojo is at café bars, train stations, airports, hotel lounges and backpackers’ common areas.

Thank you for visiting.


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